Mar 10

Where to Eat in Miami Beach? Pizza Rustica on Washington Ave.

Pizza Rustica South Beach - 863 Washington Ave Miami Beach, FL 33139 (305) 674-8244

Pizza Rustica South Beach - 863 Washington Ave Miami Beach, FL 33139 (305) 674-8244

This place is a must stop for me every time I come to Miami Beach. I prefer this one since it’s the original location and love to just order more food than I could ever eat and hope for the best. Once you cram into this New York sized place you will be greeted by a glass display full of pizza. Huge square sicilian style pizza ready for your order. A friend and myself ordered a Hawaiian slice, Pepperoni, and Sweet Sausage.

Three slices and drinks out the door for under $20 (which could feed three easily) and we sat down enjoying ourselves and people watching in the crazy part of South Beach. Each slice of pizza was top shelf as always which is a combo including minimal sauce and a ton of dough. It’s an interesting approach for pizza and it works, Pizza Rustica knocks it out of the park.

While eating someone spotted us for non locals and picked up that we could never finish these four huge slices among us. We brokered a deal to sell two squares for $1.00 so this man wouldn’t have to “wait in the long line he claimed” and we were happy to receive some return on our pizza investment. My buddy wanted to hang out and sell the rest of our leftover pizza but I was ready to check in to our hotel at this point. Our left over pizza didn’t make it to the trash can outside as a homeless person asked if he could finish it. Mission accomplished, we ate amazing pizza, people watched in South Beach, made a return on our pizzainvestment and fed the homeless all in twenty minutes.

No where else are you going to find this kind of silly entertainment while gorging yourself in delicious pizza. A+ for atmosphere, location, and taste by me. The only issue your going to run into is PARKING. Especially if it’s a weekend night note that this is a huge post night club scene here. This is the South Beach fourth meal (not Taco Bell) and things can get a little crazy. If your flying in for some food and Washington has no street parking my approach is always to go one block over onto Pennsylvania and park in the residential permit parking (illegally) and hope people take pity on me with my rental car decals! Even though parking will be a battle you will realize it was worth every moment of frustration when you step inside.

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