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Hilton Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada

Hilton Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada

I stayed here for the first time over the weekend since they were running one of the best deals in Vegas. This is normally rare I’ve found over a few years with this hotel since they seem to book well due to the location near the convention center.
I was familiar with the hotel before staying here for the first time. I love the buffet and the gambling area isn’t too shabby. The sports betting is a great place to have some fun and watch the games over the weekend.

Now with my hotel room I became quickly unimpressed with the hotel sadly. Once I arrived they checked me in and I was off to the north tower. Once inside I wanted to place a wake up call but nobody ever picked up……

The room had a nice makeover but it was missing parts like the gear cover to our door. Then moving to the bathroom the bath was chipped all over the place and lacking paint on about 15% of it. Getting in around 2:00am we went on a hunt for a quick drink before we headed back to bed and couldn’t figure out how to get one……

All and all book the Hilton for pure convenience or a Star Trek wedding. If your stuck at the convention center for a huge convention (like SEMA) where the taxi line has more people in it than all the Strip Clubs in Clark County you will be glad you picked the Hilton Hotel. If you want luxury feeling or any kind of service you should look elsewhere.

This is my review from Yelp, follow me there: joeyredmond.yelp.com

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