Where to stay in Louisville, Kentucky? Galt House Hotel & Suites

Louisville, Kentucky Skyline - Galt House Hotel

Louisville, Kentucky Skyline - Galt House Hotel

This place has a great location in the downtown area and some amazingly large suites but the place has some serious problems. First off, the deli has no real candy (I wanted a Snickers at 4am) and the lady looked at me like I was nuts so I ate some homemade cookie. At least let’s carry some normal stuff.

The hotel room is huge in size but mostly for no reason and our room was kind of falling apart. The shower door fell apart and the room has tons of random closets that were super strange. The plumbing was pretty sketch and the whole hotel has a strange old vibe.

The front desk people just seem to be confused by requests or why you would want to talk to them. The night manager told me I had to talk to his boss on what should of been a super simple task. All in all I would come back but I would price shop around the waterfront area first.

This is my review from Yelp, follow me there: joeyredmond.yelp.com

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